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You were not born with period problems, they are a result of misinformed choices

What do you say? You don’t have period problems, or you were not born with the menstrual cycle? You are still in the right place!



  • Risk prevention: physical, mental and emotional health
  • Fertility: sexual reproduction as well as mental, creative and economic fertility
  • Stress and crisis management: caused by stagnation or change
  • Creativity: design-thinking and creative processes
  • Transition: economic, professional, personal or ecological
  • Spirituality: enfold, bloom, be present




  • Cycle Tracking – the menstrual cycle as the fifth vital sign
  • Decoding the language of symptoms – they are messengers and bring solutions
  • Informed choices on life-style, diet and emotional nourishment
  • Puberty and menarche
  • Natural contraception and fertility – Anna is a certified teacher of the symptothermal method Sensiplan, one of the safest and most tested Fertility Awareness Methods
  • Informed choices for menstrual hygiene management


  • Discovering the correspondences in biological cycles: the menstrual cycle, circadian rhythm, the breath, plant sap and the moon, tides, seasons.
  • Revealing the connections between: menstrual cycle, moods, symptoms and the surrounding environment.
  • The menstrual cycle through interdisciplinary lenses: history, linguistics, archeology, philosphy, biology, agronomy, psychology and herbology.
  • Dignity and collaboration of the feminine and the masculine: archetypes of natural forces that are present in everyone, regardless of gender orientation, like breathing in and breathing out.

You can check if there are upcoming events near you, or request an individual consultation – contact us to arrange a free 60 minutes orientation chat.

Together we challenge the current representation of the world with modern science, ancient wisdom and new vision