Are you an individual or a business? We provide tailored solutions to unleash your energies, sharpen your skills, and thus fullfill your deepest purpose in life.


  • Training and coaching in menstrual health management from puberty to peri-menopause, sexual reproduction and contraception, menstrual hygiene management, mindfulness, self-care, gender stereotypes, design thinking, corporate social responsibility, inclusion and diversity.
  • Research on natural cycles and employee’s well-being
  • Policy design and implementation for turning your company more inclusive, increase the work-life balance of your whole workforce, boost creativity and loyalty, and increase your competitive advantage.


Let’s take women’s health and unique diversity out of the shadow.

You were not born with the menstrual cycle, or your team is diverse? No problem, there are other biological cycles we can work with!



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What you can expect from us

  • Clear and multidisciplinary information with unique insight
  • Compelling and engaging delivery, both verbally and visually
  • Flexible and accessible tools and practices
  • In person and online training
  • Ad-hoc or sustained support over time
  • Awareness and respect for diversity and inclusion
  • Integrity and accountability