“I feel restarted, refreshed and most importantly – inspired.” Valerie Natascha Djurhuus – Denmark – project manager empowering girls in Berlin through music.

“Speaking from her vast experience and research, Anna has an emphatic approach of teaching, which creates an amazing atmosphere of knowledge sharing.” Daryna Kubar – Ukraine – Startup accelerator specialist in Berlin

“This course opened up a new world. I feel as if I was trapped in a room full of hate towards the cycle, now Anna has opened the door wide open and I can finally breathe fresh air.Marcella Barigozzi – Italy – architect

“As someone who has worked in the area of menstrual health from a totally different approach (international development cooperation), I was blown away at the ways in which Anna was able to shed new light and knowledge on my understanding of the menstrual cycle. Anna’s workshop was not only informative, but was delivered with a clear passion and respect for the topic, anchored in research and intensive study. Since the workshop, I have taken her teachings with me and am applying them to how I understand not only my cycle, but the other cycles around me, making me feel more empowered and educated about my body and the world around me.” Danielle Keiser – USA – Founder of the Menstrual Health Hub

“Anna explains with great clarity and thoroughness that our life – every living organism – is regulated by repeating cycles: from breathing to sleeping, seasons and the Moon, everything is permeated by this cyclical rhythm. Thanks to Anna’s wise guidance, always supported by scientific evidence and enriched by unexpected connections and rare insight, we find the keys to access our inner world.Emma Frignani – Italy – online content manager and writer