Wild feminine cycles

The menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign. It is your source of vitality and creativity. You can learn to use is as a compass, defense system and wise counselor. 

Medulla – wild feminine cycles – was born in 2017 to share with you insightful research on the inner laws and patterns of the menstrual cycle’s peculiar energies: their manifestations in the body, mind and soul, and their relationships with the outer world, including other biological cycles, as well as the socio-economic implications, especially in terms of ecology, health and equality.

Medulla works with people who menstruate to help them live a whole, fulfilling life and make informed choices about their health and life-style.

Medulla is gender-neutral, inclusive, secular. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read what Medulla – wild feminine cycles means.



You were not born with period problems, they are a result of misinformed choices
  • Cycle Tracking – the menstrual cycle as the fifth vital sign
  • Decoding the language of symptoms – they are messengers and bring solutions
  • Informed choices on life-style, diet and emotional nourishment
  • Puberty and menarche
  • Natural contraception and fertility – Anna is a certified teacher of the symptothermal method Sensiplan, one of the safest and most tested Fertility Awareness Methods (available from April 2018).
  • Informed choices for menstrual hygiene management


We challenge the current representation of the world with modern science, ancient wisdom and new vision
  • Discovering the correspondences in biological cycles: the menstrual cycle, circadian rhythm, the breath, plant sap and the moon, tides, seasons.
  • Revealing the connections between: menstrual cycle, moods, symptoms and the surrounding environment.
  • The menstrual cycle through interdisciplinary lenses: history, linguistics, archeology, philosphy, biology, agronomy, psychology and herbology.
  • Dignity and collaboration of the feminine and the masculine: archetypes of natural forces that are present in everyone, regardless of gender orientation, like breathing in and breathing out.


Medulla: from Latin, the innermost part of things. What is hidden from light. In the brain, it regulates breathing and the heartbeat. In the bones, it creates red and white cells.  In the ovaries, it allows blood and nutrients to nourish the eggs. In the kidneys, it sustains the pyramids where blood purification takes place.

Wild: natural, spontaneous, authentic, intuitive

Feminine: life is rhythm, rhythm is constant movement between two polarities, up and down, light and darkness, narrow and wide. One does not exist without the other. Each one of us contains both, and everything in between, regardless of gender orientation. However, the past few centuries have focused exclusively on one side of the coin. By rediscovering the other side of the coin, we re-establish harmony. Medulla calls that other side the feminine, because it is cyclical and regenerative, like the female body.

Cycles: menstrual, circadian, seasons, moon, plant sap, brain