Life is Rhythm

Life on Earth is based on a cyclical rhythm, and so are our energies. To be aware of this rhythm allows you to dance the ups and downs of life, and unleash tremendous creativity. Biology is all about interconnections. To be aware of them reveals the secret of harmony. I can teach you the transformational power of natural cycles and their connections to the body, the mind and ecosystems. We do that through grounding in our bodies, there lies the secret the key to successful projects, constructive behaviours and nourishing relationships. If you have the menstrual cycle, my project Medulla integrates the cycles illustrated below to a deep grounding into the menstrual cycle.

In the microcoms, your breath also mirrors this cyclical blueprint, so does your circadian rhtyhm (the biological clock that regulates the metabolim and life of virtually every living organism, including bacteria). Your brain also follows this rhythm.

In the macrocosm, seasons and the lunar cycle, as well as plant sap, are reflections of this primordial rhythm.

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many shapes, one bluprint

The rhythm that permeates life on Earth has four phases. Two are dynamic, one moving outward and centripetal, one moving inward and centrifugal. Two are suspended, one at the zenith, or maximum pull, the other at nadir, or maximum magnetism. Many biological cycles are based on this blueprint. Truth is, our projects, behaviours, relationships and life phases move according to this blueprint. 

To be fully aware of the four phases, both in the micro and macrocosm, gives you the “measure” of things and you can finally start collaborating with life. Your mind is calmer, your heart if peaceful. You are more compassionate and yet, effective. You live in the here and now, and your actions are always effective because you are able to “feel” and seize the Kairos moment.



The blueprint  in the breath

If you have practiced some yoga, chances are you are familiar with breathing techniques. The breath has four “moments”.

Just breathe!

  1. / nadir / It starts with a pause, your lungs are empty. In Eastern philosophies, it is the time of full awareness, when you are fully grounded. In Tao, it is the centre of the circle containing yin and yang, always moving, always still.
  2. / moving outward, centripetal /  inhalation: lungs expand by accumulation of air, air brings oxygen in, which feeds organs and tissues. In Oriental philosophies, it is the time to visualize an intention and align with it. In Tao, it is yang.
  3. / zenith / your lungs are completely full. In Eastern practices, it is the materialization of the intention, its conception. In Tao, it is the circle containing yin and yang.
  4. / moving inward, centrifugal / exhalation: lungs relax and contract by elimination of air and toxic waste, which is the result of cell metabolism. In sports and yoga, it is the time of maximum effort. In Eastern practices, it is the time for grounding. In Tao, it is yin.

the blueprint in the circadian rhythm

The illustration below explains our circadian clock (circa-diem, meaning “roughly 24 hours). If we divide this cycle into four phases of six hours each, we can see the underlying blueprint.



  1. / nadir / midnight until 6am – the body and mind are in an altered state of conscience, suspended in sleep. Cells are purified. Parts of the brain that are normally disconnected, connect and talk to each other.
  2. / moving outward, centripetal / 6am to 12pm – blood pressure increases, cortisol rises, we rise. Towards the end of this phase, we are focused and alert. It is the best time to do intellectual activities.
  3. / zenith / 12pm to 6pm – coordination, reaction time, muscle strength and cardiovascular efficiency peak. It is the best time to collaborate with others and take action.
  4. / moving inward, centripetal / 6pm to 12am – body temperature and blood pressure tranform toxic waste. It is the best time for doing physical activity. Towards the end of the phase, melatonin relaxes the nerves and the muscles.


the blueprint in the moon and plant sap

As you may already know, the gravitational pull of the Moon regulates the ebbs and flows of fluids on Earth. Plant sap is no exception.

The illustration below is pretty self-explanatory, can you see the underlying blueprint?

plant sap english
Restrepo J., 2005, La luna, el sol nocturno en los trópicos y su influencia en agricultura, Fundación Juquira Candirú


The Kairos moment

When you are able to discern the expansions and contractions of life in your body, mind, soul and ecosystem, you develop intuition. A strong intuition is key to understanding which type of energy is required and the right moment to unleash it. This what I call the Kairos moment. I want to help you, contact me to arrange a free orientation talk.