Anna Buzzoni

Medulla was founded by Anna Buzzoni in 2017.

Anna is a consultant with 15+ international experience with grassroots, governance bodies, university and industry. She has an MA in Innovation, Development and Change. Her full CV is on LinkedIn.

She pulled the strings of her diverse experience in 2017 and founded Medulla – Cycles and Insights in Berlin.

In April 2018 she completed her training as certified teacher of Sensiplan, the most authoritative, scientific-based method for fertility management, as reliable as the pill, but safer. Sensiplan is a symptothermal method for natural fertility awareness, based on 35 years of research at University of Düsseldorf and Heidelberg.

What clients say about Medulla

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My Creed

I will never stop connecting the dots in insightful ways.    

The current representation of the world is not the only possible truth, it can and it should be challenged. Cyclical energies inform me, collaboration, diversity, intuition are essential to me. “The sleep of reason produces monsters” – so does a sleep-deprived reason.


Medulla works with business and individuals to build a framework for economies, societies and life-styles that is restorative and regenerative by design. We research, practice and share the wisdom of natural cycles to heal and flourish, expand consciousness, inspire new visions and implement solutions to the environmental and economic crisis.


A world free of menstrual pain and shame, where egalitarian, connected communities and ecosystems thrive on cyclical energies, and compassion, beauty and diversity are guidance and inspiration for all human activities.

Core Values

Creativity & diversity, critical thinking & intuition, deep ecology, integrity, learning, collaboration, compassion, global mindset and local impact.