Our efforts are too often sterile
because we use the wrong type of energy at the wrong time

We research, practice and share the wisdom of natural cycles to heal and flourish, expand consciousness, inspire new visions and implement solutions to the environmental and economic crisis.

We work with business and individuals to build a framework for economies, societies and life-styles that is restorative and regenerative by design.


Life on Earth is based on a cyclical rhythm, and so are our energies. We can teach you how to tap into the transformative power of natural cycles and their connections in the body, mind and ecosystems.

To have the “right measure” of our cycles means dancing in tune with the ups and downs of life, and regenerate health, vision and ecosystems.



  • Education and training on menstrual health, contraception and fertility, including certified Sensiplan™ training. 
  • Research and consulting, tools and practices, for creativity, well-being, circular design, stress management, and work-life balance.

Our project Medulla – wild feminine cycles provides educational tools and resources to people who menstruate for healthy periods, increased awareness and agency, vitality and insight, and better work-life balance. Check out Medulla’s next workshops.

You were born without a menstrual cycle? No problem, you too are a cyclical being and can benefit tremendously by tuning in this awareness.

It is already enshrined within you, we help you bloom into it. Contact us to know more at hello@annabuzzoni.com 



I will never stop connecting the dots in insightful ways.    

The current representation of the world is not the only possible truth, it can and it should be challenged. Cyclical energies inform me, collaboration, diversity, intuition are essential to me.

“The sleep of reason produces monsters” – so does a sleep-deprived reason.