Anna Buzzoni

Body mind literacy


Our efforts are too often sterile
because we use the wrong type of energy at the wrong time


I work on cycles, women’s health, sustainable life-styles and creativity.

My project Medulla provides educational tools and resources to people who menstruate for zero-fuss periods, increased awareness, vitality and insight, and better work-life balance. Check out Medulla’s next workshops.

You were not born with a menstrual cycle? No problem, you too are a cyclical being and can benefit tremendously by tuning in this awareness.

Life on Earth is based on a cyclical rhythm, and so are our energies. I can teach you the transformational power of natural cycles and their connections to the body, the mind and ecosystems. To have the “right measure” of our cycles, regardless of sex, age or values, means dancing in tune with the ups and downs of life and regenerate health, vision and ecosystems.

I challenge the status quo with modern science, ancient wisdom and new vision to to help individuals and business fulfill their authentic purpose and regenerate creativity and resilience despite the ups and downs of life. 



  • Education and training on menstrual health, contraception and fertility.
  • Turn misconceptions on the menstrual cycle upside down: from cause of problems to inner defence mechanism; from just a reproductive mechanism to generator of physical and mental health; from inconvenience to blueprint for thriving in your professional life.
  • Give access to best research, tools and practices for stress management, mindfulness and work-life balance.